Jacketed Pressure Vessels

half pipe jacket pressure vessel

jacketed pressure vessel

Jacketed pressure vessels are pressure vessels with a secondary pressure enclosure, installed on the shell or the dished heads of a pressure vessel in order to provide heating or cooling of the vessel contents. Kennedy Tank provides jacketed pressure vessels with the full range of options, including half pipe jackets, dimpled jackets or conventional jackets.

In specifying jacketed pressure vessels, the choice of a jacket usually comes down to economy, weight and versatility of the heating or cooling requirement. Heat transfer efficiency is another important consideration when deciding on which jacketed pressure vessel option best suits your needs. Each jacket option provides different benefits to the overall function and performance of the pressure vessel.

Kennedy Tank has extensive experience with half pipe, dimpled or conventional jackets. As with all of our products, Kennedy Tank fabricates, inspects, tests and stamps its jacketed pressure vessels to ASME code and your unique requirements. We stand ready to serve you with an array of jacketed pressure vessels solutions.

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