Engineering Capabilities

Compress Jacketed Vessel 3D ModelCompress Jacketed Vessel 3D Model

Engineering Detail Drawing ViewDetail Drawing View

Kennedy Engineering…
Better by Design

The Kennedy Tank design team averages over 20 years of experience designing custom tanks, vessels, columns and heat exchangers. Our engineering group includes the Chemical, Civil/ Structural, and Mechanical engineering disciplines. We have a registered professional engineer on staff. We utilize our extensive technical experience to develop optimized, cost-effective solutions.
Project Engineers perform detailed design, create fabrication drawings and specify all materials. They coordinate design details with our customers, vendors and shop throughout the duration of the project.

Compliance with applicable design standards and codes is verified. Conformance to customer specifications is assured. Mechanical or structural FEA can be provided. Optional P.E. sealing can be included for most US states and Canadian provinces.

Engineering Software

AutoCAD (2D)
Autodesk Inventor (3D)

Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger
Aspen Shell & Tube Mechanical
Codeware Compress (Pressure Vessels)
NozzlePRO (Pressure Vessel component FEA)
ITSDesign (API 650 Tanks)
AMETank (API-650, API-620 Tanks)
Custom developed Mathcad and Excel sheets

Vertical Support Tank Bottom FEA
Vertical Support Tank Bottom FEA
Pressure Vessel with internal coils
Pressure Vessel with internal coils
Rectangular Tank Structural FEA example
Rectangular Tank Structural FEA example