Clad Steel Tanks

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One of the fastest growing sectors of metals fabrication involves the use of clad steel. Clad steel plate is chosen for both superior corrosion resistance and the economies of lower cost steel plates vs. solid alloy plates. Kennedy Tank offers these benefits in clad steel tanks, well suited for a variety of tank storage needs.

Clad steel is a metallurgically bonded combination of 2 different metals, which occurs when mill rolling. This bonding creates a single homogeneous plate. Usually a clad plate involves combining carbon steel with stainless steel, nickel or other alloys. Kennedy Tank can provide clad steel tanks in a variety of carbon, stainless or other alloy combinations to meet the unique needs of your storage application.

Kennedy Tank has the experience and track record for providing the highest quality clad steel tanks. Contact us to discuss your storage tank needs!

“30 years plus of quality, dependable personnel, etc. If I am doing work in Indiana, a Kennedy tank will be used.”
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