Safety Improvement Projects

Field Safety Day 2022

Every year, the Kennedy Tank Field Division shuts down all their field operations and brings their team to the home office for their annual, “Field Safety Day.” What makes this unique from other similar events which are compliance driven is the fact that we incorporate a level of compliance, but offer topics requested from our field team.

We invite guest speakers to come in and present a variety of items to our team. One special guest this year was Dennis Avery from Wheeler Mission. He spoke about addiction and how to manage people with addiction problems. We also highlight the day with Kennedy Tank’s confined space entry and rescue trainer. We incorporate a variety of scenarios to provide real life experiences to our team members to help to continue to grow our safety culture.

Field Safety Day Field Safety Day

Confined Space Safety Training

With continual growth in safety, Kennedy Tank felt that they needed to provide confined space rescue training for their team members.  In 2015 through a collaborated effort of management and field team member, a multifunction safety trainer was constructed with ideas taken from all levels.  The trainer has the capability of aiding in the training of confined space entry and rescue. It also allows for training on fall protection and tank scaffolding training.

Kennedy Tank confined space training

Taking Safety to New Heights

As the Kennedy Tank continues to grow its safety culture, the need for greater fall protection to protect their team members while working at heights was identified.  The Kennedy Tank team looked at several commercial devices and did not feel that it could meet their requirements.  The Kennedy Tank team decided to put their ingenuity and skills to use.  The team worked with a professional engineer to design a custom fall protection application which specifically met the team’s needs. This endeavor costed into all departments with Kennedy Tank working together to make this vision a reality.  Through this collaborative effort, the company’s safety culture continued to grow.  This just proves that SAFETY is truly a team effort.

Kennedy Tank safety culture

Live Wire Electrical Safety Training

In our manufacturing shop, we continue to grow the safety culture there as well. We partnered with IPL/AES Energy to come in and give Live Wire Electrical Safety Training. This took place in December and comprised of 60+ ASME certified welders taking part in the training.

Our approach to growing our safety culture is not only to educate on work related safety topics but also educate our team on skills that they can apply off the job. This is key in making safety a key value in our business.

Live Wire Electrical Safety Training