Safety Culture


Commitment To Safety

Kennedy Tank, as a company, is fully committed to providing a work environment that is as safe as possible for our team members and our customers. Our overriding goal is to provide a very safe work environment, while producing top quality products and services in a most efficient manner.

Each of our team members are fully expected to follow rules, regulations, policies and practices to meet this goal. Any compromise relating to these is not acceptable.

The safety of our team members and associates is our number one value!

–Pat Kennedy

Think Safety/Work Safely

The Think Safety/Work Safely logo is a true representation of how Kennedy Tank looks at safety. The logo was designed by several team members within our company.

The logo represents some of the core values for our organization. A hidden strength within the think safe/work safely logo is the team work behind it. The logo also symbolizes our focus on what we feel is our most important customer, our team members. It is with their commitment and dedication that we are able to celebrate our safety success.

Subcontractor Safety Prequalifcation

Please read the Contractor Safety Policy and complete the Contractor Evaluation Packet. Please email a completed copy to Greg Anderson, Environmental & Safety Director, at

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