Custom Pressure Vessels

Water Softener Vessel

Kennedy Tank fabricates custom pressure vessels to the individual application needs of every customer. Besides the baseline conformity to ASME Code, Kennedy Tank engineers its custom pressure vessels to industry and application design standards alike.

Our custom pressure vessels are designed and fabricated to an array of considerations, including:

  • Size / Volume
  • Horizontal / Vertical orientation
  • Exotic Materials and Alloys
  • High Design Pressures
  • High Design Temperatures
  • Jackets, including Half Pipe, Dimple or Conventional
  • Internal heating / cooling coils
  • Accessories

Kennedy Tank has fabricated a number of unique vessels over the decades. Give us the opportunity to meet your requirements and we’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied. Contact us today to discuss your custom pressure vessel needs!

“Tim Noyes goes out of his way to deliver when he promises.”
Supplier of Vacuum Trucks – Dayton, Indiana


“Kennedy provides excellent quality product with competitive pricing.”
Soybean Refiner – Owensboro, Kentucky